You need to take better care of yourself and we can help!

“I felt Jennifer combined an open, welcoming environment with the reinforcement of powerful skills that created a space where I was able to learn a lot both professionally and personally.”
— Workshop Participant
We can help you fill your own cup.

We can help you fill your own cup.

“The workshop was very enlightening and insightful, Jennifer is brilliant and very observant. She provided great insight and suggestions and demonstrated unconditional support and acceptance throughout the workshop”
— Workshop Participant

There are no upcoming dates for these workshops at this time, if you are interested in attending one or would like to host this event at your workplace or community center please fill out the form below or email and we would love to collaborate with you soon!


Self-care for mental health professionals workshop series

Designed for professionals in the mental health field who need more skills and support in managing their own self-care needs while doing good work in the field. Each workshop will focus on a theme of activity which will provide nourishment in the moment as well as skills to bring home and use on a regular basis. Activities include SoulCollage®, mindfulness skills in nature, animal assisted activities, and how to prioritize self-care through journaling and self-connection.

Healthy snacks and beverages will be provided at each workshop.

Unsure if you “qualify”? If you work within the field of mental health services (administrative or clinical) then this series is designed just for you!

Come join in community with others to make yourself a priority!

Each workshop will be limited to 8 participants to maximize the benefit for those involved so sign up today to reserve your spot!

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